BACCARA: Our History

Baccara is a famous pop duo from Spain, having gained the greatest popularity in the 80s. The band's name comes from a special rose type, which also became a symbol of the duo. The band was formed in the early '70s, when two talented girls Mayte Mateus and Maria Mediolo met on tour. Future singers got the idea to create a group and perform on stage. 

At the beginning of their career girls were singing hits of such well-known bands like ABBA, Boney M, they performed in nightclubs, made shows with elements of flamenco in the hotel "Tres Islas".

At the same time a famous producer from Holland Rolf Soja, working in the RCA company noticed the duo. Rolf predicted a bright future for girls and immediately started working with the duo, first of all having invited a composer Frank Dostal to collaborate with the team. The duo officially started their career as Baccara. 

The first hit Yes Sir, I Can Boogie was a great success, taking first place in the charts, especially the audience in Sweden loved that song - Baccara took an honorary first place and having remained on the top for twenty weeks!

After the successful start the band recorded an album under the same name «Baccara», which soon received double-platinum status.

The singers were rapidly gaining popularity, their songs were in rotation on all radio stations in Europe, they were frequent visitors of popular programs and shows. In 1978 Baccara presented Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest with a beautiful song «Parlez-vous franais?», and took 7th place. 

Recorded in the following year song The Devil Sent You To Laredo brought phenomenal success to the group — the hit could be heard absolutely everywhere and it has become one of the most favorite songs not only in Europe but also in the USSR, where by the early 80s Baccara's music has already managed to receive love of millions of people.

In the 80s both singers came to the decision to start a solo career. Maite, having recorded several singles, later on most of the time devoted to dancing and teaching.

The second soloist Maria Mendiola released a solo album entitled «Born again». In the mid 80s Maria was offered to participate in the project New Baccara together with Marissa Perez. The compositions written specially for singers by famous and talented arranger and composer Louis Rodriguez - Call Me Up, Fantasy Boy and Touch Me - have become well-known euro-disco hits.

Thousands of fans attended the events with the participation of Baccara all over the world to enjoy favorite Euro-disco hits. 

Today, the group continues to perform with the original name Baccara. Maria Mendiola and Christina Sevilla are touring around the world, sharing incredible energy and positive emotions with the euro-disco fans! The duo performs all the most well-known hits recorded during their long!

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