BACCARA. Biography

Baccara made their breakthrough in 1977 with their hit “Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie”. 

Overnight, her song reached number one on the charts in over 18 countries around the world. With 16 million records sold, the duo even made it into the “Guinness Book of Records” as the female group with the best-selling records.

After an artistic break, Maria Mendiola and her partner Maryse Peres returned to success in 1999. The new album “Made in Spain” was released, with its hits they toured all over the world. With their unique mix of romantic melodies and fiery flamenco, Baccara always enchanted their audience.

BACCARA feat. Cristina Sevilla & Helen De Quiroga

With other hits like “The Devil sent you to Lorado”, “Sorry, I’m a lady” and “Darling” the two also stormed the international charts in the following years. In total, Baccara sold over 40 million records and received numerous gold, platinum and diamond awards. The two Spaniards were also honored with all the important awards in the industry, such as the “Golden Bambi”.

On their album “Best of Baccara 2002” they presented their greatest hits in a new sound. There were also a number of new compositions. A mixture with which they stormed all the important TV shows in their quarter century anniversary year.
In 2007, Baccara celebrated their 30th stage anniversary with their “Greatest Hits” album! The audience's enthusiasm remains unbroken.

The Spanish Christina Sevilla has been at Maria Mendiola's side since 2010 and the success can continue...
In 2016 a new album will be recorded in Studio 33 with Luis Rodriguez in Mallorca, which will be released in time for the 40th stage anniversary in 2017.

In March 2017, for Baccara's 40th stage anniversary, the new album “I BELONG TO YOUR HEART” was released, which immediately entered the digital charts.

July 2021 the latest single “No Sir, don’t say Goodbye”, directed by producer Luis Rodriguez (Team 33)

Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, Maria Mendiola died in September 2021. Unbelievable for all of us.
After months of mourning, her singing partner, Christina Servilla, who was at Maria Mendiola's side for 11 years, now wants to continue the Duo Baccara in her spirit.

Together with Helen de Quiroga, Christina Sevilla would like to take a new path and thus continue the legacy of María Mendiola, also at the request of numerous fans and her work and artistic environment.

Booking Baccara group Helen de Quiroga, who studied at the School of Dramatic Arts in Malaga, has worked with renowned Spanish and international artists for the last 25 years.
She was e.g. the protagonist of the musical “Cat's” and also has her voice for various Disney characters such as Thalía, the muse of music in “Hercules”, Úrsula, the octopus witch from “The Little Mermaid” and Zira from “The Lion King” given.

Cristina Sevilla, for her part, started in 1999 as a member of the Baccara duo with Mayte Mateos.
After their separation in 2010, she joined María Mendiola and they released their first album together “I belong to your heart” in 2017 and released the latest single “No Sir, don't say Goodbye” in July 2021, directed by producer Luis Rodriguez (Team 33), their current album.

Cristina and Helen have known each other very well for more than 30 years and are looking forward to forming the duo Baccara together as, BACCARA feat. Christina Sevilla & Helen de Quiroga, to continue.